See the Story–Live the Story…as order-discovers

Continuing to explore this year’s school theme, “See the Story–Live the Story,” in October Calvin Christian students and faculty focused on becoming “order-discoverers” in God’s world.

If you walked through the CCS-Edina middle school last month, you noticed several large fingerprints posted throughout the building. They reminded students to look for God’s fingerprints all over creation. One way we can do this is by discovering the order that God has built into his creation.

Four-SeasonsCreation is not random or chaotic–it is full of order and patterns. Science and mathematics are a couple of the many areas that demonstrate this order. We can apply the same formula to determine the circumference of a circle that is as small as the dot at the end of this sentence, or of a circle that has a diameter of many miles. We can see evidence of this created order in the patterns of a honeycomb or the spiral of a seashell. There is purpose in God’s creation, and together with our students, we can search for and discover its wondrous and complex design. I encourage you to take time to be an order-discoverer and praise God for his awesome creation.

We also look for ways that we can bring order and harmony to areas of life that are broken or chaotic. When bits and pieces of God’s world are broken, the Creator calls us to mend them. As Jesus’ disciples we follow his call to bring order, harmony, and peace where there is chaos.

Steve Groen
Edina Campus Principal

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