Opportunities for Homeschooled Students

CalvIMG_2332in Christian offers a variety of opportunities for students in grade 9-12 to complement their home-learning program.  Whether through individual classes and activities or regular part-time enrollment, CCHS will provide homeschooled students with challenging,  faith-infused learning that is responsive to their individual talents and interests.


For more information about part-time enrollment opportunities, please contact the Admissions Office by email or phone at 612-900-7300.


Course Offerings

The following are current or upcoming offerings that may have special appeal because of their schedule, content, or current availability.  But since almost any CCHS class can be taken on a part-time basis, please get in touch with us to ask about other opportunities that you don’t see here.

  • Band or Choir – Develop your musical talent while practicing or performing in our instrumental or choral ensemble.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  0.5 credit.  $600/year; prorated if enrolling mid-year.
  • Physical Fitness – Join in team sports and work on your own to achieve personal fitness goals; conclude the year with race training (5K, triathlon, etc.). Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  0.5 credit.  $700/year; prorated if enrolling mid-year.
  • Outdoor education – Engage in a variety of outdoor activities, including mountain biking, orienteering, wilderness first aid, cross country skiing, birding, and climbing. Meets Monday and Wednesday morning. 0.5 credit.  $750/year; prorated if enrolling mid-year. Course cost includes an additional $150 to cover activity fees.
  • Art (advanced) – Develop your skills by completing extended art projects of your choosing, with individualized, expert guidance from our instructor.  Monday/Wednesday.   0.5 credit.  $700/year; prorated if enrolling mid-year.
  • Girls Basketball – Develop your skills in a fun, positive team environment. 2-3 practices, 2 games per week.  Nov-Feb. $300
  • Physical Science – Explore the structure of matter from a biblical perspective with CCHS 9th and 10th grade students.  Meets 3 mornings a week (TBD), beginning Nov. 28, concluding first week of June. 1 credit.  $1,400
  • Rise of the Post-Modern World – This elective course for CCHS 11th and 12th graders explores societal and cultural transitions since WW II from a biblical perspective.  Meets 3 mornings a week (TBD), beginning March 6, concluding first week of June.  0.5 credit.  $700
  • Independent Projects – Take advantage of the structure and instructor expertise developed around this staple of learning at CCHS. Choose and design your multi-week project based on your own interests, in consultation with a teacher-advisor. Present the results of your project to CCHS students and your invited guests.  Meet with advisor at least once weekly.  Available for mid-year enrollment.  Credit and cost determined according to project length and scope.
  • Inquiry Based Units  – Join with CCHS students in a two-week adventure in hands-on learning.  Guided by a faculty advisor, groups of 10-15 students identify a topic, decide what and how they’re going to learn about it, then go out into the city to find answers to their questions.  February 13-March 2, 2016.  $350

Edina K-8 Campus
4015 Inglewood Ave. S
Ph: 952-927-5304

Blaine K-8 Campus

8966 Pierce St. NE
Ph: 763-785-0135

High School Campus
755 73rd Ave. NE, Fridley
Ph: 763-531-1732