Calvin Christian School takes a unique approach to tuition.  We call it the Fair Share Plan, and it’s designed to make a quality Christian education broadly accessible to families who sincerely desire it.*


How Fair Share giving works
Instead of a set tuition, families make an annual financial commitment to the school based upon their income.  Using our “Fair Share Giving Guide,” Calvin Christian families pledge to pay what they believe God would have them give, in accordance with how God has blessed them.  This biblical approach stresses the importance of faith in God and love for one another.  The generous pledges of many CCS families open the door to others who otherwise could not not afford a Christian education for their children.


Depending on the amount, a Fair Share Pledge might include two components.

  • A cost pledge is the amount you will pay toward the cost of your own child(ren)’s education at Calvin Christian School.
  • A support pledge is a voluntary, tax-deductible gift.  Support pledges strengthen the educational program of Calvin Christian and help provide Christian education for students who might not otherwise be able to attend.  The Fair Share Giving Guide suggests support pledge ranges according to income.

Optional reductions for more than one child.  Reduced pledges are accepted for additional children from the same family.  The cost pledge for a second child may be reduced by up to 10 percent; for the third child, up to 25 percent; and for the fourth and additional children, up to 45 percent.


Additional charges.  In addition to a Fair Share Pledge, the following fixed charges apply.*

  • building & debt fee–$700 per family. Helps retire debt and cover the cost of maintaining our facilities.
  • volunteer incentive deposit–$200 per family, fully refundable if a family member volunteers for a specified number of hours in one of a variety of roles at Calvin Christian.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for families needing to make a pledge below the base cost pledges listed above, or the corresponding amount after multiple-child discounts are taken. Calvin Christian uses the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to analyze the financial need of families, helping us to allocate aid dollars most appropriately. An online application form and information about the process is available at the FACTS website.  Call 952-927-5304 or email if you have questions about financial aid.


Calvin Christian School does not discriminate in its admissions and financial aid programs, welcoming children of Christian families regardless of race, color, gender, or national/ethnic origin.

*International students are not subject to the Fair Share Plan and fee schedule described above.  Please contact for information about the costs of attendance for international students. 


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