Middle School Social Studies

Grade 6:  World Geography — Using the five geography themes of place, location, human/environment interaction, region, and movement, explore the lands, cultures, and peoples of God’s world. Special emphasis on map skills, global awareness, and the truth that our God is the Lord of all nations.

Grade 7:  
U.S. History — Beginning with Reconstruction, focus on how the U.S. has changed from a developing isolationist nation to the dominant economic, political, and military power of the world.  The concepts of justice, freedom, and equality will be the benchmarks to determine the country’s successes and failings.


Grade 8:  World History — The different worldviews and cultures that developed in ancient to modern times demonstrate a gap between the way things were/are and the way God intended things to be. The civilizations that most impacted our own will be evaluated and discussed in the light of a biblical worldview.


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