Learning Resources

At Calvin Christian School, we recognize that each learner, as an image-bearer of God, is unique.  Our goal is to meet the learning needs of all our students, including those who face a variety of learning challenges.  Learning Resource Program staff at our elementary campuses partner with classroom teachers to provide a flexible environment that is responsive to a wide range of learner needs.


Each classroom teacher individualizes instruction and learning materials for his or her students.  The Learning Resource Program provides specialized programming for students who demonstrate individual learning needs that cannot be completely met in a general classroom setting. The learning resource staff identify students’ unique learning needs through a variety of formal and informal assessments, as well as input from teachers and parents. If a student shows a need for ongoing support services, the learning resource teacher will develop a plan in cooperation with the classroom teacher and parents to target areas in need of growth.


Learning services may take place in a variety of formats, whether inside or outside the classroom. The learning resource staff also uses a range of instructional strategies and methods, drawing on general classroom curriculum, modified or adapted classroom curriculum, or alternative curriculum.


Whether your child needs personal tutoring services, an adapted curriculum, or a small group educational setting, the Learning Resource Program at Calvin will meet these needs in a way that tends to his or her individual learning style and provides dignity and respect. You will find an educational environment that will help your child develop his or her God-given gifts to the highest potential.



Edina K-8 Campus
4015 Inglewood Ave. S
Ph: 952-927-5304

Blaine K-8 Campus

8966 Pierce St. NE
Ph: 763-785-0135

High School Campus
755 73rd Ave. NE, Fridley
Ph: 763-531-1732