K-5 Science

Kindergarten:  Trees and leaves, solar system, coral reef, birds, insects, plants, our bodies


1st Grade:  Bees; plants; senses/emotions; weather/seasons; magnets; push/pull; animal habitats and classification; dental health; safety—bus, bike, fire, poisons


2nd Grade:  Homes for living things, space and weather, exploring matter, plants, energy in motion (sound), nutrition


3rd Grade:  Ecosystems; heat/energy; light; rocks, minerals, and fossils; water and the water cycle; the human body; types of animals


4th Grade:  Motion/forces at work, simple machines, physical properties of matter, heat and sound, planets and objects in space, nutrition, cells and fetal development


5th Grade:  Cells/body systems, plants/plant processes, biomes/ecosystems, stewardship, matter/properties, atoms/elements, family life, drug/smoking prevention


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