K-5 Math

Kindergarten:  Develop students’ number sense; number recognition and writing to 20; count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens; patterning, sorting, graphing, time to the hour, shapes, simple addition/subtraction, coin names and values


1st Grade:  Number value, number writing, addition and subtraction facts from 0-18, money, time, geometry, fractions, measuring, sorting, place value, graphing; computation practice; critical thinking skills


2nd Grade:  Addition and subtraction from 0-18; two-digit addition and subtraction; place value, money, measurement, time, graphing, geometry; emphasis on problem solving


3rd Grade:  Review of addition and subtraction facts, regrouping, multiple digit addition and subtraction, place value; introduction of multiplication and division from 0-18; decimals, geometry, measurement, graphs, money, fractions, time, problem solving


4th Grade:  Multiple digit addition and subtraction, division and multiplication of two-digit numbers; introduction to and practice with fractions and decimals; place value, beginning algebraic concepts, metric and standard measurement, problem-solving strategies, basic geometry concepts and vocabulary


5th Grade:  Review of basic math facts and operations with emphasis on computational and problem-solving skills; fractions, geometry, graphing, measurement, decimals, problem solving strategies, place value; introduction of addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions; division with two-digit divisors


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