K-5 Language Arts

Kindergarten:  Letter and sound recognition; auditory and visual discrimination; beginning phonics; sight words; reading strategies; comprehension and fluency; write all upper and lower case letters; write words and sentences.


1st Grade:  Expand on phonics skills; guided reading; review and expand on reading strategies; introduction to the writing process; writing activities include captions, alphabet book, friendly notes and cards, personal narratives, journals, classroom report, poetry; beginning grammar skills; capitalization and punctuation; beginning parts of speech


2nd Grade:  Phonics; vocabulary; decoding and reading for comprehension; use anthology for short stories, leveled books for guided reading, and novels for literature circles; writing includes book reports, counting books, journals, personal narratives, add-on stories, fables, research report, poetry; introduction to nouns, verbs, adjectives; extension of capitalization and punctuation skills


3rd Grade:  Review phonics; decoding and reading for comprehension through predictions, inferences and characterization, main ideas, and drawing conclusions; read anthology, leveled books, and novels; writing includes book review, how-to paper, journals, friendly letter, personal narrative, realistic story, fantasy story, summary report, classroom report, free verse poem; focus on editing; grammar includes nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prefixes and suffixes, sentence structure and punctuation.


4th Grade:  Emphasis on independent reading and skill development; read anthology, leveled books, and novels; write book report and review, business letter, journals, personal narratives, tall-tale story, fantasy story, classroom report, summary report, persuasive essay, haiku, and lyric poem; grammar concepts include nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions; review of simple sentences and introduction to compound sentences.


5th Grade:  Reading skill development; literature studies; write biography, book report and review, how-to report, interview, journals, personal narratives, realistic story, historical story, script for a play, summary report, classroom report, descriptive essay, poetry; review basic grammar concepts; review simple and compound sentences, introduction to complex sentences.



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