K-5 Bible

Kindergarten:  Creation, Noah, patriarchs, Psalms, Christmas, miracles, parables, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Bible memory


1st Grade:  Creation, patriarchs, from slavery to the Promised Land, Judges, Ruth, the early monarchy through the division of the kingdom, Elisha and Elijah, captivity and return, life of Jesus, early church; Bible memory


2nd Grade:  Genesis through Kings; prophets speak to Israel and Judah; God preserves his people in exile and brings them back; life of Jesus; early church; Bible memory


3rd Grade:  Review creation through Noah; life of Abraham through Judges with emphasis on the Israelites’ journey to Canaan; Ruth; Bible memory


4th Grade:  Review how the Bible was written; review Genesis through Ruth; study Samuel, the Kings, and the prophets; Bible memory, including books of Old and New Testament


5th Grade:  Old Testament heroes of the faith; books of poetry and prophecy; life of Jesus—birth, early ministry, miracles, parables, death, resurrection, and ascension; Luke and the early church; New Testament letters; Bible memory


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