K-5 Art

Kindergarten:  finger painting, silhouettes, drawing, coloring, cutting, and pasting.


1st Grade:  production, evaluation, and enjoyment of the visual arts; contour line drawings, paper cutouts, mixed media collages, landscape painting, stamping/ printmaking, clay sculptures; art history—Matisse, Kandinsky, Picasso, Johnson, Bruegel, Carle, Anasazi culture, Japanese landscapes


2nd Grade:  chalk pastel drawings, printmaking, portraits, still life painting, and clay sculptures; art history—Van Gogh, Klee, Rousseau, Rembrandt, Ringgold, Monet, and aboriginal art


3rd Grade:  transfer designs, painting in perspective, weaving, papier-maché sculpture, realistic drawing, and clay sculptures; art history—Warhol, Matisse, Lawrence, Adams, Navajo culture, Oxacan art from Mexico, South American art, and Japanese art


4th Grade:  realistic value self-portraits, printmaking, paper sculptures, copper tooling, still life painting, realistic drawing, and clay sculptures; art history—Van Gogh, Calder, O’Keeffe, Close, DaVinci, Pueblo culture, Celtic art, and Japanese art


5th Grade:  oil pastel landscape drawings, abstract self-portraits, mask making, Sumi-e landscape painting, mixed media collages, collaborative mural, paper cutouts, and clay sculptures; art history—Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Riviera, Northwest Indians culture, Chinese painting, Egyptian art, and Cuna Indian molas


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