Mathematics helps us observe, describe, and use the order and structure God has embedded in his creation. CCHS prepares students to use mathematics rather than just do mathematics. Through investigations of real-life contexts, students develop a rich understanding of mathematics concepts and the ability to apply their knowledge to new situations and problems.


9th Grade – Algebra I or Geometry


10th Grade – Geometry or Algebra II


11th Grade – Algebra II or Precalculus


12th Grade – Precalculus and Physics or Calculus



  • Math Workshop
    Allows students to develop projects that connect math to life and explore a specific math skill or concept more in-depth. Students may also learn approaches to improving their understanding of math and their standardized math scores.
    Grade level, 9-12; 1 trimester; credit, 0.25
  • Precalculus (taught concurrently with physics)
    The mathematics topics of vectors, functions, trigonometry, analytical geometry, limits and derivatives are studied in support of the exploration of such physics topics as force and motion, energy and its conservation, waves, quantum mechanics, atoms and solid-state electronics, and nuclear physics.
    Grade level, 11-12; 3 trimesters; credits, 2 (1 each for precalculus and physics)

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Blaine K-8 Campus

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High School Campus
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