Language Arts

In language arts we aim to place the wonder and power of language squarely before us and link the use of language to the making or breaking of connections or relationships–with ourselves, other human beings, our Creator, and the rest of creation.


Language arts learning is integrated into all areas of the curriculum, and specific language arts classes are also part of our weekly schedule.  At each grade level, students will gain language usage and writing skills, write research papers, and dialogue with teachers and fellow students in reflective journals.


9th grade:  Interdisciplinary focus on cultural studies and world history, censorship and discernment.  Read Oedipus Rex, Things Fall Apart, Fahrenheit 451 or similar works.  Write persuasive essays, memoir, and drama.


10th grade:  Interdisciplinary focus on science/worldview, 20th century history.  Read Shakespeare, Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes, Hiroshima, or similar works.  Write children’s story, poetry, memoir, debate.


11th grade:  Interdisciplinary focus on marginalization, the Holocaust.  Read Brave New World, Night, or similar works.  Write short story, memoir, interview.


12th grade:  Interdisciplinary focus on environmental studies, government and civics.  Read Silent Spring, Lord of the Flies, or similar works.  Write literary analysis essay, autobiography (senior project).


Holocaust Literature & Art


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